Angular Job Support

Angular is an open source framework designed to solve many of the problems encountered in the development of single-page web applications. Its objective is to simplify the development and testing of these types of applications, providing a client-side framework in MVC architectures, together with the components most used in Internet applications.

Angular is written in TypeScript, which implements many new ES2016 + features. By focusing on making the framework easier to process, Angular enables a much richer development ecosystem, and programmers using sophisticated text editors (or IDEs) will notice great improvements with autocompletion and code hints. Also, programmers using traditional JavaScript (ES5) will have no problem. You will not have to develop in TypeScript or ES2015: you can continue to use "vanilla" JavaScript if you wish and it will run without traspilation or any problems.

It is important to also note that Angular has been designed from the ground up for mobile. Apart from the limited processing capacity, mobile devices have other characteristics and peculiarities that substantially differentiate them from traditional equipment: touch interfaces, screen properties, hardware… And everything has been taken into account in Angular. Running on desktops will also show substantial improvements in performance and response times. And furthermore, the Ionic team is working on a version for Angular, providing another way to take advantage of native device features with Angular.

AngularJS Job Support (2/4/5/6/7/8/9/10)

Our trainers are highly experienced and certified modern web application development with Angular (4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9). Our team of Java experts offers Java Job Support online. Our Java Job Support will be handled in either weekday or weekend program depends on the participant's requirements.

AngularJS Support

From Angular 2+ version code is a complete rewrite from version 1. This is due to the major developments in web technology over a few years. Angular 2+ also leverages ECMAScript 2015(ES6) to make it more modern with improvements in the web industry compared to AngularJS version 1.x based on ES5. However, you can also use JavaScript compilers like babel to exploit ES6 features for AngularJS version 1.x applications.

  1. Are you not aware of AngularJS and still using the old version in your project?
  2. Are you migrating from AngularJS to Angular 2+ version and struggling with it?
  3. Do you need coding help from an expert for the AngularJS project?

If you're one of those, TuneTM is the best place for you to get technical support with the AngularJS project.

Our trainers are experts in AngularJS version 1X syntax and well-experienced migration to 2+ versions. TuneTM provides the best AngularJS help with the most experienced trainer.

Our Terms and Conditions

  • When you enroll our Angular Job Support package, first we will arrange a conference call with our trainer and he will go through your task requirement, Tools and Technologies
  • If our trainer is 100% confident and comfortable with your requirements, then only we will agree to provide service.
  • If our Angular trainers can not take your requirement, we will refund 100% of the money.
  • Our Angular trainers are available from Monday to Friday in the morning or evening. You have the possibility to choose the time slot that best suits your needs.
  • Usually, we're not working on weekends. But if you have a deadline and Angular project to be completed? Don't worry. We're making exceptions and helping you on weekends, too.
  • In the case of trainer absence, we can provide backup Angular trainers within 12 hours.
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