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TuneTM Salesforce Lightning training course is designed and curated by experts to help learners master the precepts of Salesforce Lightning, both theoretically and practically. As a part of this online course, you will learn the tools and technologies that pertain to Salesforce Lightning, modern user interface for speed optimization, reusable components for customizing Lightning Experience, and Salesforce Mobile App. You will also work on industry-standard real-world projects.

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Program Fees:$200.00
Discount Price:$160.00
Introduction to Lightning

This section introduces you to the Salesforce Lightning platform. It gives a brief knowledge of tools and services that are delivered by the Lightning platform to automate business processes, integrate external applications, and more.

  • Introduction to Salesforce Lightning Platform
Working on Classic To Lightning Migration

In this module, you'll understand the complete process associated with migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning.

  • About previous user experience
  • Check list before moving to lightning experience
  • Rolling out to lightning experience
Lightning Experience Basic

This module deals with the fundamentals of getting started with the Lightning Experience and enable it to your organization. Also, you'll understand the difference between Salesforce Classic and Lightning through best practices.

  • Get Started with Lightning
  • Decide When Lightning Experience Is Right for Your Company
  • Enable Lightning Experience
  • Disable switch between lightning experience and Salesforce classic

In this section, you'll learn how to build apps using Salesforce Lightning. You'll go through the fundamentals of administering Salesforce Lightning in a step by step manner through best practices.

  • Type of page assignment
  • Lightning App Builder
  • App Launcher
  • Object Manager
  • Global Search
  • Compact Layouts
  • Sales Cloud Features in lightning
  • Reports And Dashboards In lightning
  • Lightning App Builder
  • Domain
  • Need of Custom Domain
  • Lightning Process Builder
  • Service Cloud Features
  • Domain
  • Need Of Custom Domain
Lightning Experience Development

This module will help you understand how new UX impacts Visualforce, Apex, APIs, and more.

  • User Interface Development Considerations
  • Use Visualforce in Lightning Experience 
  • Use Lightning Components in Lightning Experience 
  • Salesforce Partners, Packaging, and AppExchange
Visualforce & Lightning Experience

This module will walk you through the essentials of using Visualforce to customize the Lightning Experience.

  • Use Visualforce in Lightning Experience
  • Develop Visualforce Pages for Lightning Experience
  • Explore the Visualforce App Container
  • Share Visualforce Pages Between Classic and Lightning Experience
  • Manage Navigation
  • Understand Important Visual Design Considerations
  • Know Which Features to Avoid in Lightning Experience
Lightning Components

Lightning components is an application development technology. A Lightning component framework is used to develop web applications both for desktop and mobile devices. This section will teach you the best practices to improve app performance.

  • Understanding Lightning Bundle
  • Lightning Applications
  • Calling Component from App
  • Helper Methods
  • Combining App, Component and JS Controller
  • Create and Edit Lightning Components
  • Attributes and Expressions 
  • Handle Actions with Controllers 
  • Input Data Using Forms 
  • Connect to Salesforce with Server-Side Controllers 
  • Connect Components with Events 
  • Using JavaScript
  • Debugging
  • Error Handling
  • Server Request Lifecycle and Handling
  • Navigation
Lightning Data Service Basics

This module will describe what Lightning Data Service is and how to get started with it. Also, you'll gain knowledge of handling record changes and errors.

  • Get Started with Lightning Data Service 
  • Manipulate Records 
  • Handle Record Changes and Errors
Lightning Out

This section will introduce you to Lightning Out and teaches you how to build a script for it.

  • Introduction Lightning Out
  • Lightning Out in action
  • Building script for Lighting out
10.Lightning Connect

This module describes what Lightning Connect is and how external objects differ from custom and standard objects. You'll also get to know how to access Salesforce data from external sources with Lightning Connect.

  • Salesforce Lightning Connect Concepts
Lightning Event

This section will provide a brief knowledge of Lightning Events. Also, it explains the types of custom events available in the Lightning framework, such as component event and application event.

  • Component Event
  • Application Event
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