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TuneTM Angular certification training is designed for developers who are responsible for building applications using AngularJS. Through a combination of presentations and hands-on practices, participants will explore Angular comprehensively and learn to build components, directives, template-driven forms, routing, etc., for complex data-centric (enterprise) applications. This Angular online training will update your knowledge and skills with the current Angular version to lift your career.

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Introduction to Angular

In this session, you’ll get an introduction to Angular and its features. Also, you’ll learn Angular technology stack and Angular Library components. 

  • Introduction to Angular
  • Angular Technology Stack
  • Advantages of Angular
  • Angular Library components
Introduction to Javascript

In this chapter, you’ll learn what is Javascript, installation guide and other significant concepts on Javascript. 

  • Basics of Javascript       
  • How Engines Work?
  • Features of Javascript                     
  • Basics of ECMAScript 
  • Examples of Simple Javascript.
  • JavaScript MVC
  • SPA Intro
  • Intro NodeJs
  • Intro Typescript
How to build with Angular Components?

In this chapter, you’ll learn what is component and how to create a new component using a CLI. 

  • What is a Component?
  • How to Create a new Component?
  • Creating Component with CLI and nesting Component [Templates and Styles]
  • Angular CLI
  • Nested Components
  • Deeper Nesting
  • Angular Components Lifecycle
  • Understanding the Component Selector.
Introduction to Bootstrap

In this session, you’ll learn how to debug the code in the browser using SourceMaps and create responsive web applications. 

  • What is responsive web design?
  • What is Bootstrap 3?
  • Bootstrapping the Angular application
  • Angular error messages
Event Binding

In this chapter, you’ll learn what is event binding and different types of event bindings in Angular. 

  • Template Model
  • Data Binding
  • Built-in Directives
  • Basics of Webpack and SystemJS
Service and Dependency Injection

In this session, you’ll deal with what is dependency injection and how Angular frameworks work for dependency injection. Also, you’ll get an overview of service and how to create a service. 

  • Dependency Injection
  • Dependency Injection API
  • The coding pattern for dependencies
  • Service Overview
  • Creating a Service

In this chapter, you’ll get an overview of directives, function of a Directive in Angular, extending the power of HTML, giving it a new syntax, how to create a custom Directive. Angular Directives

  • Types of Directives
  • Built-in Angular Directives
  • Custom Attributes Directives
  • Custom Structural Directives

In this section, you’ll learn what are pipes in angular and their features, transforming value in Angular template, various built-in Pipes in Angular, how to use it in any template and creating a custom Pipe in Angular. 

  • What are pipes
  • Custom Pipes

In this session, you’ll learn what are Forms in Angular, their functions and advantages. 

  • Angular form benefits
  • Template-driven approach
  • Angular Validation
  • Model-driven approach
  • Reactive Forms

In this section, you’ll learn what is angular routing, its fundamentals, and advantages. Also, you’ll learn how to build a single-page application and other essential concepts. 

  • NgModule
  • Router Basics
  • Parameter Routing
  • Child Router Router Lifecycle Hooks
HTTP promises and observables

In this session, you’ll learn What are Promises and Observables in Angular, how to handle HTTP requests with Promise, resolving multiple values with Observables, and RxJS library for reactive programming with Observables.

  • Working with RxJS
  • Angular Interaction with HTTP 
  • HTTP Post 
  • Difference between Observables Vs Promises

In this chapter, you’ll get an introduction to testing Angular applications, how to deploy the Angular TestBed for testing on Angular framework, testing services in Angular, E2E and DOM testing.

  • Tools and setup
  • testing Angular Class
  • Angular Unit Testing with TestBEd
  • Testing Service
  • Testing DOM
  • E2E Testing
Interview Questions and Guidelines

TuneTM offers advanced Angular interview questions and answers along with Angular resume samples. Take a free sample practice test before appearing in the certification to improve your chances of scoring high.

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