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TuneTM ReactJS with Redux training is designed to level-up your skills to become a successful Client-Side Application Developer. Our training enables you to gain in-depth knowledge of React Router, Webpack, Async action & Async flow, and more to build single page applications effectively. You’ll master every concept with practical executions and real-time examples. You’ll also gain hands-on exposure to various industry use cases and projects during training.

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2. Job Guarantee One to One Training with Interview Support (Proxy)

Advanced ReactJS with Redux Training

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Introduction to Web Development and React
Building Blocks of Web Application Development
Single-page and Multi-page Applications
Different Client-side Technologies
MVC Architecture
Introduction to React
Installation of React
JSX and its use case
Virtual DOM and its working
Difference between ES5 and ES6
NPM Modules
Components and Styling the Application Layout
React Elements
Render Function
Class Component
Component Constructor
Functional Components
Multiple Components
Props with Class based Component
Props with Function based Component
Component Lifecycle
React Events
React Forms
Different Form Concepts
Styling in React
Inline Styling
CSS Stylesheet
Building Music Shop Application using React Components
Handling Navigation with Routes
React Router
Features of React Router
Configuration of routing using React Router
Navigation using Links
404 page (Not found Page)
URL Parameters
Nested Routes
Implementing styles using NavLink
Application Programming Interface
Build a REST API using json-server
API consumption in React application using Fetch method
Build a dynamic Music Store application using Routing and API connectivity
React State Management using Redux
Need of Redux
What is Redux?
Redux Architecture
Redux Action
Redux Reducers
Redux Store
Principles of Redux
Pros of Redux
NPM Packages required to work with Redux
More about react-redux package
Asynchronous Programming with Saga Middleware
Need of Async operations
Async Workflow
Action Creators
How to write Action Creators?
Handling Async Actions via Reducers
Generators in Redux-Saga
Saga Methods()
Major Sections of Redux-Saga
Building a Product List application using Redux-Saga Middleware
Debugging application using Redux Devtools
React Hooks
Caveat of JavaScript classes.
Functional components and React hooks
What are React hooks?
Basic hooks
useState() hook
How to write useState() hook when state variable is an array of objects
useEffect() hook
Fetch API data using useEffect() hook
useContext() hook
Rules to write React hooks
Additional hooks
Custom hooks
Fetch Data using GraphQL
What is GraphQL?
Cons of Rest API
Pros of GraphQL
Frontend backend communication using GraphQL
Type system
GraphQL datatypes
GraphiQL tool
Express framework
NPM libraries to build server side of GraphQL
Build a GraphQL API
Apollo client
NPM libraries to build client side of GraphQL
How to setup Apollo client
React Application Testing and Deployment
Define Jest
Setup Testing environment
Add Snapshot testing
Integrate Test Reducers
Create Test Components
Push Application on Git
Deploy App on Nginx
Create Docker for React Application
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